Our Story

For us, food is a communal activity-- best experienced with family and friends.  Camaraderie and friendship, enhanced further by good food, are some of life's greatest pleasures! 

That's why we created Amigos Spice Co. We believe the joy of incredible flavors is made even better by sharing with those we care about. Whether you're cooking for a large family gathering or just enjoying a meal with a friend, we hope that our spices can help make your experience even more special.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, our biggest culinary influence has been the diverse fare of the Lone Star State. Traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex flavors are a large part of our diet, but we love mixing in different cuisines from all over the globe. We've taken inspiration from the myriad places we've explored and journeys we've undertaken. At our essence, we are foodies who will eat our way through every adventure. And when we find flavors we love, we bring them to you.

We believe that as food nourishes the body, friendship feeds the soul! All are welcome at the Amigos table, so fix a plate and pull up a chair, Amigo!