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Amigos Spice Company

Tipsy Taco

Tipsy Taco

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Tangy Taco Seasoning

Putting the tipsy in your taco

Far from typical taco seasonings you’ll find in most spice cabinets, Amigos Tipsy Taco has a hint of lemon and is bursting with Southwestern chiles to give your dishes a flavor and a kick unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. The tangy twist of the citrus balances the heat from the chiles, taking your tacos to the next level (and pairs perfectly with margaritas, by the way). Spice up your grilled meats and veggies or add it to ground beef for a Taco Tuesday that will have you switching up the calendar to make every night taco night.



Ingredients: Ancho Chile, Sea Salt, San Ramon Chile, Garlic, Onion, Chile Pequin, Coriander, Oregano, Black Pepper, Cumin, Lemon Oil and Lemon Powder. Contains less than 2% Silicon Dioxide and Non-GMO Canola Oil.

How To Use

Season to taste on the grill or mix with ground meat for the ultimate Taco Tuesday (or Wednesday/Thursday/etc.)

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